HELLO i'm jaime
i'm early 20s and im pm a lesbian and i live on a canadian island
i like tv shows and fashion and a lot of other shit

my tumblr is pretty nsfw and can contain a lot of FEMINISM AND MISANDRY!!! :)

changmin: yunho and i are still living together
yunho: without changmin, life wouldn't be worth living
changmin: i'm happiest when it's just the two of us
yunho: i love him
tumblr: aww platonic bromance so cute
jaejoong: looks like pretzels are on sale today
tumblr: omg yunjae is real!!!
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F: 明治
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wait, stop right there: you’re making a well-thought and detailed analogy between you two and a drama (link) that deals with pre-divorces and how to fix one’s marriage. do you sit there and draw the similarities between broken marriages and your war-ridden relationship with yunho? and once the conflict is done with and the married couple are back together, do you sigh and blame destiny for overcoming your war with yunho? or, and considering that the drama has been over for a few years now, do you watch reruns and force poor unsuspecting yunho to watch along, because “hyung if you want that ‘to always live together’ crap you better surrender and lose this war — what do you mean what war? there’s always a war! the ‘why do i still have this bundle of sunshine following me around and not my own personal harem’ war! the ‘slippers, water bottles and underwear’ war! the ‘why are you such an embarrassment’ war!” and judging by poor unsuspecting yunho here, he’s been subjected to this comparison many times before, maybe even had to go through marriage counselling because —

are you for real. no, i’m honestly asking here: are you for real, shim.

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I can say with confidence to the fans having Yunho at my side of course reassures me, but even before that, having made this choice according to my personal values, I don’t have a single regret and I’m not uncertain at all. Even having said that, I don’t want say “please understand me” and force anyone to do so. I’m going to continue on this path and change nothing. It would be great if the fans can believe in us like this from now on.
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okay i told her i’d write something off it, and i did. accomplishment!


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screaaaaaaaaaaaaams!! i love you so much ;___; i love this so much ;___; i love everything so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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