What about the tears?Yunho: Eh? (pretends that he didn’t hear the question) To be honest, I was so moved by the white ocean. During the song “STILL” I was thinking about the past and the time when we were not active but fans didn’t forget us and continued supporting us as always. As an artist, I had to hold back my tears and normally I’m the one who never cries but the song “Weep” came afterwards, which linked to what I was feeling. I felt happy after we finished singing and during the MC, tears were automatically filling my eyes. I was so surprised that happened to me because in the past, even though we received industry awards, I never cried, since I thought we still had a long way to go. I really felt that I was singing in such a meaningful place. I said many times in the past that I was happy to be on stage but I really truly felt it. Even as time passes, I will never forget this concert.

F: 明治

requirement for SM leaders: unique drawing skills

—You always care about your fans and you never forget gratitude and humility, I am sure that is a part of the reasons so many people never stop loving Tohoshinki. It reminded me of that again after I saw your stage in this tour (Yunho & Changmin: Thank you very much). I know this is a stupid question though: Do you think that part of you will never change in the future? You two are already big artists with many fans all over the world.
CM: (shaking his head to the sides to the word “big artists”) I don’t think we will change. YH: We are not going to change.