I’ve never been thin, in fact I don’t remember not having these hips or boobs, but I wouldn’t change my shape for anything. Some days I feel like a baby whale, others I feel like the sexiest girl in the room. And I know I whinge about buying bras and fitting into shirts but I’ve found the key is to keep it retro, when styles were made for curves! I don’t wish to diet, and as long as I stay at a reasonably healthy weight, then I never will because these curves are what I am all about :)

Model Denise Bidot of Muse Models in a test shoot by photographer Chelzea Jessica Lee. 


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Emmi, 20, Sweden. UK size all between 14-20, depending on cut, fabric and model.
Shirt / Bik Bok
Jeans / H&M+Plateau shoes / Din sko


My name is Bridgette, and I’m 20 years old, and this is my first submission. My measurements are 37-29-44
For years I’ve been battling weight fluctuation and a very poor self image. Growing up, especially in my teenage years, I always felt that my body just didn’t make sense. Wearing a size 14-16 pants and a size small shirt had struck me as odd and I found myself trying to make the top half of my body match up with my lower, or vice versa. I was always told that I had to either be plus-sized or thin; that ‘mix-n-match’ wasn’t allowed.
It didn’t click until the past couple of years that that’s just how my body is! I’m slowly coming to accept myself and although everyday seems like a new battle, it’s becoming easier and easier as time goes on. I have a tiny waist and big hips and nothing’s really going to change that.
Thanks to all the lovely ladies of this blog for your inspiration. You all are so diverse and beautiful it hurts!

Erika Elfwencrona via Simply Yours Blog
34DD bust, 31 inch waist, 41 inch hips
Naturally Close Bodyshaper available at Simply Yours


I love when I get to see my friends grow and this women is no exception. Model: Griselangel Paula Photo by: Michelle Alexandra Photography

First Submission:
I’m 18. 5’1-147-36c. 
Stuck between trying to change to make myself feel better about the way i look, and just accepting it.
I honestly have never felt comfortable with the way i look, i see other people like me or bigger and i think “wow they are so beautiful” but never really had to much confidence about myself. (sorry the picture doesn’t show my face)

i bought this dress when i was in vancouver! i hope i look this good when i wear it :)